Day 29 – An Anime I Wished was Real

30 Day Anime Challenge – day 29

From gaining powers to be a super hero to having a magnetism that attracts beautiful women, there are a lot of elements in anime that I wish was real. But what comes with these bonuses come some annoying traits as well. I might think I would want a tsundere girlfriend in real life, but I probably would just get annoyed for getting hit when I compliment her. I believe there are many things that should be separate between anime and reality and would never wish to happen.


Honestly just a simple world from a slice of life series with cute girls and ordinary things going on would be pretty nice, but that’s too boring of a choice so I am going to pick something else. A world that in anime that would be cool in real life would be Mushishi. The Mushi, though dangerous, can be very beautiful. I would like to travel the world of Mushishi and see it all like Ginko. I know the Mushi is a metaphor for the beauty and danger of our own world, but wouldn’t it be cool to have all the supernatural abilities? More magnificent sights to see and experience in a world similar to our own, but slightly more primitive. Leaving the extraneous stuff and getting back to the true nature of people and the world.


One thought on “Day 29 – An Anime I Wished was Real

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