Day 26 – Best Anime Fight Scene

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 26

So many good fight scenes. Spike vs Vicious in Cowboy Bebop, Emiya Kuritsugu vs Kotomine Kirei in Fate/Zero, but there is one fight scene to top them all and its from a familiar franchise that I haven’t got to talk about recently. The best anime fight scene is Asuka’s in End of Evangelion where she fights the mass production Evas.


Asuka’s repeated line of “I don’t want to die” before coming to the realization that her mother has been there protecting her all along creates the best build up to a climax in anime history. Asuka’s raw emotion can be felt during the battle as she strives to survive through all the hardship, a message perpetually present throughout the show. Another point about this scene is that she berates Shinji for not coming to help her while still continues fighting by herself. Sometimes in life people will let you down, and in a way this is also part of the Hedgehog’s dilemma that is a recurring theme of the Evangelion franchise. Yet the fight is not only about the message, it has some of the finest choreography and has amazing animation for its time.

The intensity of the scene is contrasted with light hearted music as unit-02 engages the mass production Evas, but then the tone continues to spiral downward into despair to match the hope of surviving the situation. You can really feel the weight of the weapons the Evas are using as they stagger with every swipe of the immense blade. Then there is the ending of this scene, where Asuka is impaled to the ground by the mass production blades and she screams in vengeance. I consider this the greatest depiction of Humanities instinct to want to live embodied in one moment.

But Evangelion is the type of anime that I feel you should watch on your own and form your own interpretation. I find it more fun that way at least.


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