Day 24 – Moment That Shocked Me the Most in Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 24

When I first started watching anime, each show was chock full of surprises and every episode was exciting and fun. Then after a while I started to pick up on the patterns and learning the tropes of anime. I became more skilled in predicting what was going to happen and was less interested when I was correct. So nowadays there is not that much that really surprises me in anime anymore. Even if my prediction is wrong it usually is not so far out of the way that I am startled.

Tomoyo best girl

Tomoyo best girl

One of the more recent anime that I watched that had many surprises for me was Clannad : After Story. Everything is going on with heart wrenching emotion and wonderful character development until they really decide to just break your heart. Ushio begins to die just as Tomoya prepares to move on from Nagisa’s death and live for the loved ones that are still alive. This probably would have been the saddest moment in anime for me until what happened next. I did not expect it at all but magical light orbs he had been collecting just suddenly reversed everything as Ushio dies. Ushio and Nagisa both live and it seems like everything that Tomoya went through and all the lessons he learned did not matter at all. I absolutely despise this ending. It feels like a cop out and makes all of Tomoya’s character development be wasted, and though Clannad always had that supernatural touch, it never seemed that relevant until now. I played the Clannad Visual Novel later and in that context the light orbs were more prevalent and made more sense. So now I have come to terms with the ending but I still dislike it.

Overall I still enjoyed the Clannad franchise. The first season was hit or miss on arcs, but it was definitely needed to set up Clannad : After Story.  After Story was beautiful and tragic, until the ending surprised me and ruined it. At least I got an elegant message out of it all together. In this world we live in, what is truly important are the people you love.


12 thoughts on “Day 24 – Moment That Shocked Me the Most in Anime

  1. I remember trying out watching Clannad. I got to about 2 episodes before I got really bored and dropped it. But Clannad is somewhat really popular, maybe it’s just me? No, more like sad stories/shows aren’t really my type. =P I found it a pretty weird show.
    But I agree with you how a lot of the times you can predict what is going to happens next. But I don’t really mind about that.


    • I can understand not being able to stomach the 1st season of Clannad. The show is mediocre at best, but at least establishes the relationships needed for After Story.

      Sad stories are my favorite and generally are more compelling for me.


  2. I’m okay with Clannad’s finale. If they would have ended with Ushio dying and her dad breaking down that would have been really depressing (especially when you consider that season one was mostly a comedic high school show.)

    The Dens Ex Machina was alright as they had set up that alternate world since the start of episode one. Like you say, the series was also peppered with supernatural elements (ghost girl, the cat etc.)


    • Looking back on the show, it was more understandable but at the time of viewing I was so pissed off. Also what I thought was going to happen was that in the end Ushio would live and Tomoya would truly move on from Nagisa’s death to care for the one person he loved more than anyone else that still lived.


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