Day 20 – Anime Character That Gets On My Nerves

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 20

Sadly there are a lot of annoying anime characters. From the constant usage of character tropes, to the incessant need to use repetitive gag jokes, characters can be annoying in many different ways. The one in particular that bothers me the most are one dimensional characters that only have that one thing going for them. This is more forgivable in kids shows due to their targeted audience so I will excuse the likes of Team rocket and characters like that.


For me one of the most annoying characters is Emiya Shirou from Fate/ Stay Night. They really did a bad job with the adaptation in general, but due to how the visual novel main characters are characters dependent on the player’s decisions Emiya Shirou came out pretty badly. He is a boring White knight in the show that just wants to save everyone, without all of the bad ass and interesting parts that Araragi from the Monogatari series has. It does not help that he has some of the most silly lines of anime, one of which has become a popular meme.


3 thoughts on “Day 20 – Anime Character That Gets On My Nerves

  1. I am two episodes away from finishing Fate Zero. It’s a brill show thus far, but I fear its finale will be disappointing as it has to tie things up with Stay Night. There are lots of annoying characters in anime. When growing up I always used to despise any comic relief mascots.


    • Its okay Fate/Stay Night will be salvaged when Ufotable airs Heaven’s Feel in the fall. I think I will play the VN this summer too! I feel the same way about most of the comic relief mascots, but some of them are okay. Its all about how they are executed and in what kind of show they are in.


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