I Will (Not) Change Names Again

The name 2D-Life was not settling well with me, because it did not really explain what the blog was about and I just plain did not like it. I chose it before because I wanted to start writing right away, but could not really think of anything. After pondering for the past couple of months what my new name would be I finally decided on Dang Tran Dynasty.

This name has a little bit of history with my family. I am the youngest in my family and I have two siblings, an older brother and sister. We were all competitive swimmers in our teens and we all swam at the same high school. If you do not know a normal American high school is generally attended for four years and coincidentally we are also all four years apart. So I never ended up on the same team as them at the same time but for twelve years there was always a Dang-Tran family member swimming for our high school.

During my senior year of high school I was able to qualify for the state wide swimming competition, and my family came to cheer for me. My sister made a sign for me saying Dang-Tran Dynasty and it really meant a lot to me. Even though it does not have anything to do with anime or gaming, it still stuck in my mind as a nice name.

So there is the new name for my blog, hopefully this one will last.


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