Day 14 – Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times I Watch It

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 14

Lets just start off by saying, wow is that a long title! I was trying to figure out ways to phrase it better, but I could not come up with something that still held the same connotation. I was thinking of Anime That Never Gets Old, but that feels more like timeless anime that people will always watch and not my particular favorite one to view repeatedly. Anyways onto the topic.


FLCL also known as Fooly Cooly is the anime I will never get tired of watching. Like many other anime FLCL portrays the maturing of a young boy into a man. What separates FLCL is the approach to showing this journey to adulthood. With a fast paced plot that only lasts 6 episodes and seemingly arbitrary symbolism many may be confused at first, but everything makes sense in the context of male puberty. Watching with that in mind, the jokes become playful and entertaining yet very relatable if you are a male that has gone through puberty.

There is one example in particular that stands out as being empathetic for male and females, where Naoto is run over by Haruko and launched into his female classmate, Ninamori, face first. They kiss / bonk heads, which is probably how your first kiss went with lips being smooched together not knowing what to do. At least my first kiss was kind of like that.

If I had to sum up FLCL in one word, it would be adolescence. Not quite a child, but not yet an adult. A time of many new memorable experiences that will not be forgotten.


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