Day 13 – Anime Character I am Most Similar to

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 13

I generally do not project myself onto characters when I watch anime, so when faced up against this question I looked for some help. I asked some of my anime watching buddies. Of the three friends I asked two of them said Ikari Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the other said Hikigaya Hachiman from Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiry (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU). When asked for why they thought I personified these two characters they all gave me something similar to, I whine about the world. Great friends aren’t they?



Disregarding what they think of me, I do understand how I can be likened to these two characters. Though I do not go on extensive pessimistic monologues like Hachiman, I am pessimistic about people my age and sometimes scoff at their approach to life (not a good habit). Even my humor is analogous to Hachiman as both of us make fun of ourselves.


As for my resemblance to Shinji, I tend to act friendly but distant to those who do not know me very well. I do not let others become close to me easily and have superficial relationships comparable to most of the relationships Shinji is portrayed to have in the past before becoming the pilot of Eva unit-01.

I could probably go on to other things that I have in common with these characters, but rather not go into my depressing insecurities. At least Yahari Ore no Seishun is getting a second season!




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