Day 10 – Favorite Fighter Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 10

Fighter Anime is a very vague topic, and I am interpreting it as any anime that has fighting or action scenes in it. For me there are two anime in particular that hold this spot, Cowboy Bebop and Princess Mononoke, but seeing as Cowboy Bebop has already had a post and will have many more posts on this 30 Day Anime Challenge, I am going to go with Princess Mononoke.



Of all the Miyazaki films I hold this in the highest regard, even above Spirited Away. Though that may change soon since I have yet to re-watch Spirited Away like I have Princess Mononoke many times. Like in all Miyazaki movies the lines of good and evil are blurred, but in Princess Mononoke I feel Miyazaki fully shows the futility of war. The conflict between the Iron Town and the Wolf Clan of San leads to no benefit to either side. Lady Eboshi is often times seen as the villain of the movie especially for western audiences, but in my mind she really just stands for industrialization and compassion. When it comes down to it she is just trying to protect her people. Her means to do so just involve industrializing the city and endangering the characters we view the narrative from.

Each character is multi-faceted and can be interpreted in many ways that I do not have time to go into at the moment. Maybe I’ll write an analysis of it later this summer.


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