Day 7 – My Anime Crush

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 7

Oddly enough my favorite female anime character is not my anime crush. I do not think I would be able to handle a girl like Asuka in real life. There are so many adorable girls in anime nowadays due to the Moe craze that it makes it so hard to decide. I’ll be honest and say that I enjoy Moe most of the time, which often gets a bad rap in the anime community as destroying anime. I’ll argue against that in another post, but lets just say I am pretty neutral over all in how it is effecting anime today.


Enough with the mini Moe rant my anime crush is Inaba Himeko from Kokoro Connect. Kokoro Connect is a story of relationships and people, with a supernatural twist. Inaba is very similar to my favorite female anime character, Asuka, she is very confident on the outside but is revealed to be very sensitive and afraid to lose her friends. Much less aggressive and way more cute, but lacks the depth that Asuka has in Neon Genesis Evangelion.


3 thoughts on “Day 7 – My Anime Crush

  1. Satellizer from Freezing is pretty hot (in a blonde bombshell sort of way.) My first anime crush however was Nene from Bubblegum Crisis. She is cute, quirky and smart which is a cool combination.


    • I tend to like the more petite character designs rather than the bombshells generally. I think my first anime crush was probably when I was really little and watched Kari Kamiya in Digimon.


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