Day 6 – Anime You Want to See but Haven’t Yet

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 6

There are so many anime out there I haven’t seen that it is so hard to pick one. Some honorable mentions are Haibane Renmei, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Kizumonogatari. Shaft please stop teasing us with the release date of the last one, but really the one that takes the cake is the Rebuild of Evangelion 4.0.

As a true Evageek I have devoted quite a bit of time reading papers analyzing Neon Genesis Evangelion and the accompanying movies. The original series had a profound impact that changed my life, however the rebuilds do not have the same potency. At least not yet. I still love it, but  due to the message being repeated within the Rebuilds the power has been watered down. The repetition in itself can be a very poetic view of human kind itself with each of us facing the same obstacles as the generation before us, but the missing impact and comparisons to the original make it difficult to hold up to the golden standard that is Evangelion.


As much as I want a remastered Neon Genesis Evangelion, I do not think I will get it so I will have to settle on the rebuilds. Though I trash on the Rebuilds as inferior to Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Rebuilds are superior some ways, namely the animation and the music. Updated orchestral themes, and great animation in fight scenes propel the Rebuilds unlike its predecessor. And who knows, maybe Evangelion 4.0 will cause the Rebuilds to push the original’s towering shadow out of the way and become a phenomenal anime.

2015 is the set year for its release and it cannot come any sooner!


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