Day 5 – Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

In general I do not believe that I should be ashamed for something I enjoy. I like what I like and nothing can really change that. Though for an anime that I thought was not very good in conveying a message or having a coherent plot without any holes, but still very enjoyable was Guilty Crown. The show was plagued by very obvious flaws, but they were very easy to ignore due to the entertaining feel of the show. Thus Guilty Crown is my guilty pleasure…



Damn that pun was terrible.


6 thoughts on “Day 5 – Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

      • The tits.

        But that’s all it has going for. Everything else is just…there’s really no way to describe it. It’s just stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But it’s so inoffensive, one just doesn’t care and ends up having an alright time, despite the stupidity inherent in the show.

        Still better than Divergence Eve. THAT is a show that’s not even worthy of “guilty pleasure” or whatever. It’s just horrid.


    • Yeah, I am not really ashamed of it but more so that I ignore its flaws so I can enjoy it more. Maybe I was just in the mood at the time for something like Guilty Crown, because my mood definitely plays a large role into how entertained I am. Also I tend not to watch too many anime that are way out there.


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