Day 3 – Favorite Male Anime Character Ever

30 Day Anime Challenge – Favorite Male Anime Character

Due to some internet problems yesterday, I was unable to post so I guess I fail the challenge. Oh well lets just keep on trucking.

Oh man is this a tough one. There are so many good male characters in anime ranging from Hououin Kyouma from Stein’s Gate to Lelouch and Edward Elric from Code Geass and Full Metal Alchemist respectively. If I had to chose only one, I would pick Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Lets Jam.

cowboy_bebop spike_spiegel

Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter who rides with Jet, Faye, and Ed on board the Bebop. They try to get food on the table by capturing criminals with bounties on their head, and often comically fail. Spike’s fighting style was inspired by Bruce Lee plus a gun! He often acts aloof and sarcastic, but is trapped by a past he cannot forget. Other than being the coolest character in anime, he is also the focal point of one of the most memorable moments in anime, that can be referenced in only one word. All of this combined with the quality of  Cowboy Bebop, makes Spike Spiegel my favorite male anime character.

See You Space Cowboy.


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