Musical Monday 25

So lately I haven’t been posting as much, and most would probably think it is probably because I am too busy. Well everyone who thinks that is wrong. I was just too lazy to write and kept forgetting because I was doing something else, cannot remember what exactly I was doing but it seemed important at the time. With this extra time I watched quite a bit of anime lately so maybe I will do a short post of what I have seen recently and what I thought about it. Anyways with all that done back to the Musical Monday at hand. One of the shows I re-watched was Neon Genesis Evangelion, and though anime community has conflicting opinions about this show, I actually enjoyed it a lot. Here is my favorite track from the show. I.Shinji, performed by the New Japan Philharmonic.

Each note sends chills down my spines, and fits perfectly with the show. Though Evangelion is not for everyone their musical score is quite phenomenal and I recommend you to check out the rest!


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