Musical Monday 22

My roommate has been playing Ni No Kuni since he received it for Christmas recently and the music and animation are amazing. Of course being supported  by Studio Ghibli that much is the standard. For now I am really lazy and tired, so here is the main theme. I will definitely have another post about this game in the future though!


3 thoughts on “Musical Monday 22

    • I agree! While coding for my Computer Science classes I got to listen to the music, and occasionally (and by occasionally I mean all the time when I did not feel like working) Got to look at the game play. It reminded me a lot of the older Final Fantasy mixed in with the Tales of Symphonia’s character movement, though Ni No Kuni definitely has a more whimsical style that really fits the animation. Hopefully I will get some time to play through it myself, but I got to beat Final Fantasy XIII, and 100% the rest of Final fantasy Tactics Advance first.


      • When I first heard of Ni No Kuni I quickly forgot about it. When they finally started releasing gameplay videos and the like I really started getting excited for its release. It was something new. It seems like the JRPG industry has become so stale. Really, Ni No Kuni is the last JRPG I have bought in the last couple of days. It is just great. The story, the visuals, the gameplay. Everything!


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