Musical “Monday?” 21

Well obviously it is not Monday, but due to some circumstances (Namely procrastination of actual work on Friday Saturday and Sunday) I have found that I needed the time to catch up on my college responsibilities. During my time procrastinating I got to play a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics, and my roommate played some Final Fantasy XIII. Needless to say their music is stuck in my head, and its my new goal to get it stuck in yours too.

Though I disagree with many of the changes in Final Fantasy XIII compared to its predecessors, its music is up to the Square Enix standard. For those who have not played many of the Final Fantasies, their music has a history of being quite good. Go see one of their more famous works here.

This particular battle theme for Final Fantasy XIII was able to capture the sense of urgency in battle. Also when the violins come in as you destroy your enemies you feel like such a boss.


Like this boss right here ^^. Now if only I actually owned a PS3. Maybe I will get a ps4…


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