Musical Monday 18

Right now I am obsessed with the sound track of RWBY season 1 which I reviewed last week. I will re-iterate what I mentioned in the sound portion of my review. The voice acting was lacking but the music composed by Jeff Williams is by far one of the most talented composers I have seen in a long time. Expert use of the guitar and a rare gem in the voice of his daughter causes the music he creates to be so tantalizing. My favorite song from the original soundtrack of OST is Red Like Roses Part II. Here are both parts so you can appreciate it more!

I have listened to this song so many times this week. I am so obsessed, and I usually do not like listening to songs on repeat. The mother daughter duet between Sandey Casey and Casey Lee Williams was so interesting that I can not wait until they reveal the story behind it. With the electric guitar in the middle to raise the tension really displaying the intense emotions between the two characters.

If you liked what you heard here you can go buy their whole soundtrack on itunes here.


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