Musical Monday 17

Today’s soundtrack is from the highly acclaimed series, Final Fantasy. This particular song was recommended to me by a friend, because I actually have not had the pleasure of playing Final Fantasy VIII yet. The song is The Man with the Machine Gun, by Nobuo Uematsu.

The robust brass melody driving the song, gives you a sense of danger as the song progresses. It is not often that woodwinds take the back burner, and often when they do it is not well executed. Highlighting brass melodies is difficult unless you are exclusively using the trumpet, but here they make a strong impact with french horn and trombones. This melody leads up to the fluid string and woodwind melody. This melody gives you a small sense of relief in between the action going with how the Final Fantasy game mechanics work, and though I have not played it I can imagine it matching the game play. The last touch I really enjoyed was the ending that made the sound fade into the air as if a great burden has been lifted off your shoulders. From what I hear from my room mate it even fits the story line well. I guess I will have to play the game to find out.


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