Musical Monday 16

Some of the most memorable video game music are not the ones that are the most complex but the ones that have personality. Who does not remember the 8 bit tunes of The Legend of Zelda and Mario? Lately everything has come to complex orchestras such as Halo’s theme or Dota 2. So when I played Portal  with its unique sound track that couldn’t get out of my head, I was quite surprised.

The vocals turned me off at first, but as the song went a long I was charmed by its quaint sound. I am sure most of you have played it though but if you haven’t make sure to check it out right away. It is a great puzzle game that tests your brain, and gives you a few laughs on the way to boot.


2 thoughts on “Musical Monday 16

    • Definitely. From my experience of creating music for games, making music that fits the game is exponentially more difficult than just creating music that sounds nice. With Portal’s unique game play and humor I am astonished at how they composed such a masterpiece applicable to the themes.


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