Musical Monday 11


This blog is turning into a blog only about anime music or something… I really need to start working on my other drafts. I start them, but never finish them because I have other stuff to do, trying to plan my next game, and figuring out if I am going to make this a mixed blog about gaming and anime, or just anime. Anyways even if I never post anything else, Musical Mondays will still be here!

So I know this is a popular show, and I try to stay away from theme songs that are really recent, but I really am enjoying this show. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s soundtrack brings the extra oomph of manliness and bad ass to the show.

Exaggerated action done right from my point of view. I usually dislike exaggerated action in general (Gurren Lagann, Dragon Ball, etc) but every time I watch JoJo I always laugh until my stomach hurts. The artwork is really interesting, especially during the opening when it changes up a lot. Like I said before, the soundtrack makes all the manly tears so bad ass when you want it too, but the comedy is always there. Especially with the bass, electric and acoustic guitar in the ending song, they like to end the show on epic scenes so the song receives the epic-ness too.

If you have not seen this show, you need to start watching it soon. It is too good to pass up.

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