Musical Monday 10

So I made a video game on Friday / Saturday at my first Game Jam. That was really fun, but that means I had no time for anime sadly :( . I would show the game on here but this is still an anime blog and it kind of sucks.


So its Musical Monday 10, HOORAY for 10 weeks of music at least. Its better than the 2 exams I have this week… So to relax I am going to go with the Sore Feet Song by Ally Kerr for the anime Mushishi. This song really lets me unwind and relax, which is perfect for this situation.

The compelling vocals by Ally Kerr complemented by the acoustic guitar just makes me want to devote myself to someone like that one day. Some of the lyrics are pretty interesting like “robbing convenience stores” and  “killing bears” but the point gets across and its just as beautiful with it. Just gives the song more character when you tilt your head asking why he chose that particular word choice. Ally Kerr also has some albums which like the Sore feet Song, have the calming mood and his soothing voice. Should check it out! I definitely plan to.

*DISCLAIMER* All images / videos used above are property of their rightful owners! If I have offended anyone or if you want to request to remove anything e-mail me at and I will remove them.


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