Musical Monday 6

This is the first post I will make from my college dorm!  Today’s music is from Ef – A Tale of melodies.

A Tale of Melodies is about many different heart wrenching romantic relations of those within two different towns. Though this may seem dull at first, Ef – A Tale of Melodies is much like a painting. It can be taken at face value or really looked into for its true depth and complexity. It may be confusing at times, but that is also part of its charm if you are into these types of genres. The soundtrack in A Tale of Melodies is primarily based on violin piano and various string instruments. It often creates a sinister or somber mood that contrasts with the ebullient opening well.

The fourth son in this playlist is my favorite from this soundtrack because of its many dissonant chords, that creates the picture of emotions clashing, that fit well with the strained atmosphere at many parts of the show. Many of the songs  use similar melodies, but change the tempo or instrument of focus. It was all beautifully composed by Tenmon, my favorite Japanese composer. He also composed the soundtrack for 5 Centimeters Per Second. Using the same style as 5 Centimeters Per Second he changed the melody’s tempo and instrument of focus to give a sense of nostalgia, like you have heard this song earlier in the series. If you liked this song, be sure to check out the rest of the soundtrack as well.


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