Musical Monday 3

Third week already! Wow summer goes by fast. Too bad its almost time for school again. Anyways on to the music of this week, and I chose the Fooly Cooly (FLCL / Furi Kuri) soundtrack by The Pillows. If you don’t know what Fooly Cooly is well… too bad I can not really explain it to you. All I can say is that It is just a coming of age story with robots, wacky comedy, and other hilarity. The main song I will be focusing on is Ride on the Shooting Star.

The Pillows is a light rock band that makes good use of guitar riffs and mixing english and japanese. It just fits so well of the theme of growing up in Fooly Cooly. The melodies and the music in general just feel like they are teenagers full of angst. Usually I enjoy female vocals over male, but Sawao Yamanaka the vocalist for the Pillows just draws you in, kind of like Chester Bennington (singer for Linkin Park) when he is screaming. You don’t know what it is, but its amazing. In my mind this particular song’s lyrics represent how when you are a child you always dreamed big. As you grew into a teenager you began to see the realities of the world, and are more confused about who you are, but in the end the right thing to do is just “Ride on”. Thats just my take on it though, comment if you have any other ideas!

Here is the rest of the Fooly Cooly soundtrack. Contains lots of electric guitar goodies, and english vocals with japanese accents. Fooly Cooly is 6 episodes of crazy, and the music is just as crazy to back it up.

*DISCLAIMER* All videos used above are property of their rightful owners! If I have offended anyone or if you want to request to remove anything e-mail me at and I will remove them.


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