Musical Monday 2

Today’s soundtrack is a special one to me, as it is from my favorite anime of all time. I could spend all day gushing over how amazing this movie is or how it changed my views on life, but Musical Mondays are about music damn it! So on to the end theme of 5 Centimeters Per Second. 

If you could not tell by the amount of emotion within the song, 5 Centimeters Per Second is a romance film by Makoto Shinkai. It tells the story of  Tohno Takaki and Shinohara Akari, two close friends who are separated through inevitable circumstances, despite this separation they keep in touch through mail. As years pass the distance between them grow wider, yet they still remember one another and wonder if they will ever meet again.

The song is named “One more time, One more chance” by Masayoshi Yamazaki and embodies the feelings these two have for each other throughout the movie.  From the acoustic guitar in the beginning to the amazing vocals, this song is simply a perfect work of art.

The soundtrack for 5 Centimeters Per Second often takes the melody from this song and changes around the tempo, instruments, and re-arranges it into a new song, but because of its familiar melody it generates a feeling of nostalgia by the end of the film. This was done to coincide with the nostalgia of the characters, thinking back on past happy memories. The soundtrack encompasses so many different moments, yet has a cohesive theme that grants a feeling that can not be expressed in words. It is simply the magic of 5 Centimeters Per Second, and without the this magical music the film would just not have the same effect.

Enjoy this playlist with most of the soundtrack from the film. If you have not seen the movie yet go watch it now! You will not be disappointed.


*DISCLAIMER* All videos used above are property of their rightful owners! If I have offended anyone or if you want to request to remove anything e-mail me at and I will remove them.


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