First Impressions of Genshiken Nidaime

**Spoiler** I am assuming you have seen the first 3 episodes of Genshiken Nidaime, and the past seasons!

intro pic

Ah, yes the neighborhood otaku group is back, and as fun as ever! I have always enjoyed the Genshiken series and Nidaime is living up to my expectations for now. Historically from season to season Genshiken transfers the central character to someone else. In season 1 it was Sasahara, then Ogiue in season 2. For me I have yet to see this happen, but I think this is mainly because they are trying to introduce each of the new character’s personalities and traits.

Yoshitake Rika, Yajime Mirei, Hato Kenjiro Left to right

Yoshitake Rika, Yajime Mirei, Hato Kenjiro

The first episode starts off with Ogiue drawing, at a college club fair to recruit new members. In her attempts she interests three different girls to join the club. By the way all three of them are rotten girls (Girls who like yaoi / BL / Boys love). Yoshitake is a hyper girl who enjoys teasing the other two, but her character has not really been developed yet. Yajime is probably what most people would think of as the otaku girl. Kind of sloppy, and rough around the edges, but the second episode shows that she can be just as adorable. And Hato? Well I will leave her to a whole different section.

Genshiken has really changed, at first it was a true peak into the otaku lifestyle with the harsh reality being thrust upon the characters throughout their life. Now will it still have the same strong effect on us? It is migrating to the more Moe genre obviously with the mainly female cast, but it could still have the same strong themes the older Genshiken had, so I am hopeful. Despite my doubts, I am still entertained by how the first three episodes went. The comedy is just as funny as before, with pop culture references to other anime.

Sue acting like Mayoi from the monogatari series!

Sue acting like Mayoi from the monogatari series!

Now acting like Shinobu also from monogatari!

Now acting like Shinobu also from monogatari!

But my favorite part so far has been Hato-kun! (obviously) My inner fanboy has been released with how cute Hato looks, and yet she is a boy! At first I didn’t know how to feel about this, but then after realizing how awesome she is I never looked back.



Here comes the moe that has never really been in Genshiken before! Though usually I am usually pretty immune to stuff like this. Hato just presses all the right buttons. My favorite scene being of when Hato Judo flips Kuchiki, and when Yajime tries to check under her skirt. Both were hilarious, and were things I might have done to her…

I know that feeling

I know that feeling

Anyways back to other important things to anime, that do not involve moe…

Plot has never been a strong point of Genshiken, and this season is no exception. With no real purpose the characters just live their lives enjoying their club, which is fine for a slice of a life anime, but its not an amazing plot. The characters have always been the selling point, and they did not let me down with this years cast. From the new characters in Hato and the others, to the returning Ohno, Ogiue, Sue, and Kuchiki, they each have interesting traits, that want me to know them better or just plain see more of them! For the music, the insert songs haven’t really caught my eye but the opening song is very catchy and more upbeat than older Genshiken openings. I feel this fits the new mood of the show so far. The outro is not as memorable, or maybe its just because I am sad the episode is over. Overall the sound of the Genshiken is good, but has not really wowed me yet.  Looking back at the old show though, the animation has improved a lot, but compared to todays anime it is pretty good. There isn’t a lot of action to animate in general though, so again nothing has really wowed me.

Its been 6 years since the last season, and expectations are high. Lets hope that Nidaime can stand up to its predecessors!

P.S. Hato is adorable.

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