Musical Monday 1

So today we are adding a new segment on our blog! Its going to be called Musical Mondays (Cheesy I know but whatever). On these musical Monday’s each author will present some music from Anime Opening, endings, insert songs, or all of the above, whatever they feel like.

So today’s choice of music is from No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular! otherwise known as WataMote. Watamote is about girl who just entered high school, finally realizing the fact that she is unpopular. The story follows her as she tries to become more popular. Why did I choose this opening? Well because today the second episode of it is going to be released, and I am hyped up for it. Also I found the opening interesting because it went against how I expected a comedy intro to go.

Surprising right? Why would a comedy have a metalcore opening that made it seems super serious. If I did not know any better I would have thought it would be more under the action and suspense genres. It reminds me of the Death Note’s second opening, except I like the vocals a bit better in WataMote. This is in opposition with the outro that is adorable and is more fitting for WataMote’s atmosphere.

It’s cuteness levels are over 9000. Once you start having a closer look at the lyrics though, the message is quite depressing. It makes me really sympathize with the main character. I wasn’t quite as socially awkward in high school, but I had my troubles. Overall though I really like these two songs because they show the two different perspectives when you are an outsider. Outsider’s either blame everyone else for being different from them i.e the opening song. Or they have the perspective that something about themselves is wrong, and try to change it but are unable to like the latter song. This is just a generalization but it really struck home for me. Either way I’m obsessed with these two songs and I am going to enjoy WataMote. If you are interested check it out!

*DISCLAIMER* All videos used above are property of their rightful owners! If I have offended anyone or if you want to request to remove anything e-mail me at and I will remove them.


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