Summer Weekly Recap 12

I apologize for the lateness of the post this week. I ended up going to my college’s career fair and picked up a few interviews for software development internships. The combination of that, my two coding assignments, and a biology test ended up making it difficult for me to watch anime. This week of anime […]

Summer Weekly Recap 11

Durarara¬†x2 22 And we’re back! Ikebukuro’s gang conflicts are escalating and Ryugamine seems to be stuck in the middle of it all. He has turned the Dollars into a white knight group trying to protect everybody and prevent the Dollars from being mislabeled. I compare the Dollars to the internet because of the many different […]

Summer Weekly Recap 10

Prison School 9 I’ve been having a lot of fun with Prison School lately. The focus has shifted from the comedy to the drama and conflict between the Underground Student Council and the prisoners. I enjoy the show a lot more when the comedy is splashed in there with the high tension ridiculous scenarios. Watching […]

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Review

It’s easy to describe Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LoGH) as a typical space epic, but LoGH is much more than a simple space opera. LoGH aspires to discuss ideas about government, military, religion and philosophy, making LoGH sophisticated and dense while still having the classic drama associated with space epics. Running at 110 episodes, […]